Sunday, July 29, 2012

I have been told before that you only dream about people you know or who you've seen before. If this is true, then everyone you dream about that you don't recognize or have a name for is an actual living being somewhere in this world. It could be someone that you saw for a flash out your window as they rode their bike past your house, or the person crossing the street that you had to wait for before you could make a right turn at the intersection. It could be the girl that you always see walking across campus at the same time every day or the guy you bumped into at the library and exchanged hushed apologies with as you continued on your way.

And then in your dreams, they become villains and heroes, victims and survivors, clowns, friends, warriors, you name it! These ordinary strangers all of a sudden take on a new persona, they become someone new, someone they've never been before.

It's kind of magical if you think about it!

And here's something else to think about: If you are dreaming about these strangers, how many people out there are dreaming about you?? Think about how many people you walk past every day. Potentially, you could appear in any of their dreams! Right now, since it is relatively sleepy time, you could be fighting a dragon, running from a burning building, picking flowers, doing any number of obscure things and you would never know it.

If we consider all that we could be doing in someone else's dreams, I'm sure most of our bucket lists have already been completed!

The human mind, man, is an incredible thing..

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