Thursday, November 13, 2014

Magazines and Other Things

For my English class (of all classes...) I have to create a magazine spread about the topic that I have spent my entire semester researching. I have written about this topic in every context and form you can think of. I've chosen parental responsiveness and its effects on attachment and later prosocial behaviors. Super interesting, by the way. And very handy for real life! Anywho. I have started putting together this spread. As I love design, I've already created the layout and I haven't even started the writing the article yet! It's a work in progress, but I'm getting rather proud of it. Just wanted to show you all a little glimpse of what I have been working on! 

That image is blurry... Sorry about that. But I think it is really coming along nicely. Still need to add a couple call-outs in the circle at the bottom and at the top of the right page, as well as, you know, my actual text... But hey! I'm a fan so far. 

In other news, I have a professor who is really trying to convince me to go to Grad School... The only problem is that I hate research and that is all you ever do when getting a Masters in my field. As a sort of compromise, I have agreed to do research with him this next semester. I think he is hoping that it will be a gateway drug to convince me to apply for the program, but we'll see. Technically I will already have graduated, but that doesn't really matter apparently! 

So here's to continuing education, I suppose! 

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