Sunday, August 12, 2012

Catch Up!!

Welp, this summer is wrapping up rather nicely. I am finally getting my summer to-do list completed and getting ready to go back to school next week. NEXT WEEK! It's insane how fast this summer has gone. I thought for sure it would seem much longer than it was. I'm grateful for my time that I've spent here and all that I've learned and figured out, but I'm very ready to be back at school with my girls :)

Yesterday, I got my glasses! I don't know if I told you that my other ones broke... again... making it twice. I was very aggravated and pretty fed up with the whole thing. I went out looking for frames that would fit the lenses from that pair so that my parents wouldn't have to pay for another set all together but alas, commercial stores don't make frames that big. I guess I'm the only one who likes them? Where are all my hipsters to back me up?! Not that I'm a hipster because let's be honest, I'm about the biggest conformist you will ever meet hahaha But anyway, after exhausting all the possibilities, looking everywhere I could think to find the right lenses, I finally threw in the towel. With much guilt and worrying on my part about the money aspect of the whole thing, I found new frames that, quite honestly, I adore. And I even found them on clearance for 40% off the complete set (frames + lenses).

Initially I had selected a different pair from the clearance rack and the clerk had them on hold for me till I showed up to get them. When I got there, I had to wait for a computer to open up so I was looking around and I found another pair that I liked twice as much, and they were even five dollars cheaper AND also on clearance. It was awesome! On top of that, Lenscrafters has a One Hour Lab, and they make the lenses right there and my glasses were ready an hour later! I was thrilled! My gramma gave me a little bit of a hard time because I was so sure that I could never like glasses. But I can take it, I totally deserved it haha

Don't I look so scholarly?? :)

In other news, today was my last week teaching Gospel Doctrine. Kind of bitter-sweet. I really like teaching, but I'm not sad to be going. I am pretty sure I'm going to be called as a teacher again once I get back to school, but my grandparents say that is too logical. Apparently, if it makes sense, it's not going to happen, as far as callings go! Honestly, if this calling was just to teach me that I can do what I believed I couldn't, then three weeks of teaching is all that I needed. It amazes me that the Lord has a plan for each of us. I don't know if I touched anyone's life, if what I said even stuck with anyone. But I know this - I have learned that I can take on any calling, no matter how completely terrified I am of it. Even if I think I would die before I could fulfill what I was supposed to, I can do it with the Lord's help. If that lesson is the only reason that I was given that calling, it would be the only reason I need. I have such a testimony that the Lord does so many big things for so many small reasons, to affect only one person, because that person is worth worlds to Him. I am so blessed to know that I mean that much to Him and that He is looking out for me and has his hand in my life.