Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cray-Cray Birthday


I don't have pictures of anything, and I apologize profusely. I meant to take them, I really did. But I guess you'll just have to do without since, well, we have no other options at this point.

Today, yes, is my birthday, and it was way weird all day long. It isn't like having your birthday at home because, quite frankly, the world doesn't evolve around you on your birthday in the real world. But it was still fun! I had to get over my six year old "but it's my birthday!" mentality at first, but then everything was lovely :)

To start off the day, I spent a couple hours at the Driver License Division getting my license! That's right, I am now a licensed driver! Pedestrians, beware! I only have a temporary license for now and I'll be getting my real one in the mail in 4-6 weeks, but still. I did it!! Thank good that is done with, the process took forever and many headaches.

Then I went to work. Nothing special or out of the ordinary..

Gwamma made me chicken pockets for dinner, like I have every year (yay!) and a white cupcake with chocolate frosting, my favorite :) I ate it in the car on the way to the theatre because we went and saw 9 to 5 tonight.

IT. WAS. AMAZING. Honestly, if you have any chance of going, DO IT. I was blown away. I'm a musical theatre junky, I admit, and I was expecting to like it, but not that much!! I loooooooved it. It made me miss theatre so much. I just wanted to get up there and sing my heart out with them. Note to reader: If you are reading this and thinking "I'll go listen to the music on itunes to see what she is talking about", don't do it! The music is filthy apparently and Hale had to clean it up a ton so that they could perform it. I'm really bummed about it because the music is amazing. But ah well, you win some you lose some...

All in all, a super day :) I am now 19 and I can... do nothing new. Except drive! Huzzah!! :)

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